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Freshly made biochar
Freshly made biochar.

KTV Organic Biochar is only produced from biomass such as wood waste, crop residue and tree prunings. Cyprus Golden Char has been developed specifically for agricultural use and offers the following benefits:

  • Improves soil health by adding essential nutrients and holds onto water and existing nutrients around the roots, increasing certain crop yields by up to 140% and reducing the need for fertilizers and conditioners.
  • Eliminates malodours resulting from farm animals and stock. Cyprus Golden Char removes methane and other toxic substances, allowing the manure to be safely used on the land as an organic fertiliser in less than 10 days, eliminating the need for chemical fertilisers.
  • A highly powerful carbon capture storage system, preventing CO2 from entering the atmosphere by capturing approximately 50% of the carbon from biomass pyrolisis.
Water retention up to
in horticulture
Reduction up to
in chemical fertilizer
Increase up to
in crop yield
Enhancement up to
of plant's defences