The natural, organic product that can save water, reduce chemical use and enhance productivity.

Our Kambos plant will not only create valuable biochar from wood and forest vegetation, but also from the many thousands of tonnes of annoying, destructive and foul-smelling seaweed that are washed up every year on our local beaches. In the past, it has been burned or buried, neither of which are ideal solutions. Its chemical composition tends to inhibit a natural decomposition process yet, being rich in potassium and phosphorous we believe it can be used to achieve a significantly better result. Provisional tests have shown that seaweed produces an excellent, low-PH biochar soil enhancer with a ready market and growing demand.

The benefits of using biochar

Significant savings of up to 60% of the costs of chemical pesticides and irrigation are projected from the use of biochar, while an increase in plant yields of up to 40% is also projected. EU regulation with regards to food standards and animal welfare is increasing market awareness of environmentally-friendly products such as biochar amongst the Island's horticultural markets.

Referred to as "Black Gold" or "the Organic's Steroids", biochar is becoming the sought-after solution across the globe helping to inhibit pollution, reducing chemical usage, increase crop yields, aid water conservation and soil enhancement. It is credited as an essential measure in preventing desertification, a restoration tool for damaged soils, and a positive influence on climate change through carbon capture.

KTV will produce a range of biochars of exceptional standards from local fuel stocks to address the issues of water management and usage, nitrate and other chemical fertiliser pollution, crop yield increase, organic pest control and plant medical support.

biochar charcoal carbon
All of these issues are significant problems across Cyprus and KTV is determined to contribute to their mitigation.
BIochar comparison

Cypriot farmers face an increasing number of problems from significant water price increases, EU food safety standards, bans on some common pesticides and land fertility failures from over farming. This is combined with the ever-growing organic produce market (especially UK supermakets but increasingly in evidence here at home,) with their demands to eliminate inorganic pesticides and fertilisers.

Medicinal properties of biochar are commonly overlooked, or little understood by the industry, but in Cyprus where poor soil quality, pests, disease and drought are common, the application of certain biochars will rectify the issues in most cases. Restoring farmland back to its full productivity is a time-consuming detailed operation which is costly to the farmer. We believe that instead of two major crops a year, there will be three without the need to rotate soils.

The Cyprus Ministry of Agriculture is expected to support biochar given it will cut agricultural waste usage, reduce chemical poisoning from fertilisers and reduce pesticide usage. In addition, the EU will be applying heavy pressure due to desertification fears with regards to some Cypriot agricultural operations. This is an element within rising EU standards, numerous environmental targets and objectives, as its leaders strive to meet commitments towards a greener future for the whole continent.

Biochar field trials

As the concern about water is a national pre-occupation the household retail market is also expected to create strong demand via the Island's many garden centres. Water filtration of grey water or direct sewage treatment is another usage of biochar where we can design specific biochars to solve particular water-borne pollutants. Working in tandem with Frederick University and from already published research the biochar produced by KTV is highly efficient in the removal of man produced inorganics and also antibiotics from sewage waste water. 

This will enable water from the old-style Cypriot sewage plants to be utilised again in direct irrigation of farmland and conform to the latest EU waste water directives. 

KTV will be making this highly effective horticultutal and agricultural growing aid available to both commercial and domestic users. Our site will soon have purchase facilities where customers can order and arrange delivery.

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