A ready source of revenue for KTV and helping Cyprus meet its environmental obligations.

In fulfilment of its EU obligations the Cyprus Government through its monopolised electricity provider Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) will guarantee to purchase all of KTV's generated output. This certainty of revenue from the outset is at the core if our operation as a profitable yet environmentally-aware business.

Using around 9,000 tonnes of raw waste timber and other biomass, KTV's main plant in Kambos will produce 8,000Mw per year of clean, renewable energy for purchase by the EAC.

A 1 Mw power plant is specifically designed to run for 8,000 hours a year which is 333 days, if operating on a 24-hour basis. By using a mix or "cocktail" of chipped wood and other vegetation, we will optimise our energy output which will be in the form of combined heat and power (CHP.)

In doing so, we will actively improve our local forests by clearing large quantities of wood waste and other vegetation. This helps to mitigate fire risks and makes for healthier, more easily-managed woodlands which are the lungs of our beautiful island's environment.

electricity pylon
A flow chart demonstrating how the Gasifier works
KTV Gasifier flow chart

This is a normal result somewhat akin to the combustion of fossil fuels as seen in oil and coal-fired power stations but significantly cleaner and more productive. Using a "Gasifier", the process has lower "Greenhouse Gas" emissions, low production of soot and particulates, yet can generate sufficient CHP to feed 1 Mw per hour into the Cyprus national grid.

This is an economical process in terms of cost and, of increasing importance and relevance, in eliminating all production of harmful and particulates emissions that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere in a fossil fuel power station. Any gases we produce are cleaner than natural gas or sea gas.

Our generation facility is considerably more respectful of the environment, contributing as it will to Cyprus' renewable energy obligations whilst providing a secure income for KTV, well into the future.

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