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Our clean, green credentials and our savvy commercial outlook include a determination to waste nothing and use all materials in the smartest, most efficient ways possible.

Our process is so efficient and effective, that it wastes nothing while creating a range of by-products that have multiple uses and benefits. Not least of which includes heat and heating products that will provide our neighbours with incredibly clean and economical heating options. By introducing additional equipment, we can even provide cooling for domestic or commercial use - our systems are that flexible. 

By channeling the excess heat that our plant produces to local homes, we can further improve the lives of many families and businesses in our area, a major part of KTV's business plan from the very start. 

What's more, our process is so efficient we can offer heating briquettes that are completely devoid of any carbon dioxide and which have around ten times the energy output of firewood, a staple heat source in many Cypriot homes.

We estimate that an average mountain home would require only around 5Kg of our heating briquettes per week - that is some ten per cent of the normal wood stock they would require in its place.

These briquettes will be on sale soon and will be available to order on this site.

biochar briquettes

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As part of KTV's commitment to the local community, KTV will be offering briquettes free of charge to the elderly living in mountain villages. Click here to read more about how we are giving back to the community.