KTV Gives Back

two of KTV's dedicated staff.

KTV ensures that we achieve our aim of a Cleaner, Greener Cyprus by giving back to you, the community and our planet by setting and delivering on our promises. We call this our Promise Manifesto.

Promise Manifesto Summary

WE WILL collect wood waste and tree prunings free of charge from the communities shown below.

WE WILL give back to the community by employing local people wherever possible to aid sustainability in our local economies.

WE WILL aid in the removal of greenhouse gases from our atmosphere by making our premium, 100% organic Biochar capture and store as much carbon dioxide as possible.

Our Manifesto sets out our targets for a Cleaner, Greener Cyprus. Working together, we shall make our island a better place.


Beach at Polis.
beautiful sunset at Pyrgos beach

More beautiful landscapes in Polis Chrysochous and Pyrgos.

Collecting Wood Waste

Benefits of This Service

  • Clearing wood waste from the forest floor prevents the forest fires that are a constant concern to us all.
  • Clearing riverbeds and dams of invasive bamboo ensures the protection of natural habitats.
  • Increased tourist attraction to mountain villages where they can enjoy beautiful scenery and wildlife.


Collection Locations:

Here is a list of designated areas where we currently collect wood waste:

  • Agios Ioannis
  • Agios Theodoros
  • Anayia
  • Anthoupolis
  • Evrychou
  • Flasou
  • Galata
  • Kakopetria
  • Kalo Panayiotis
  • Klirou
  • Korakou
  • Kyperounta
  • Lemythou
  • Linou
  • Psimolofou
  • Sina Oros
  • Spilia
  • Tseri


As part of KTV's commitment to the local community, KTV will be offering briquettes free of charge to the elderly living in mountain villages.

Working with Organisations in Cyprus and Europe

Working with Universities at home and the UK, Government Departments and Nicosia Municipalities, helps us strive towards our aim of a Cleaner, Greener Cyprus.

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