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Rubbish Cleaning forest land
Rubbish clearing as well as tree maintenance, is a great way of enhancing the local area; leading to increased tourism opportunities and more.

Read more about our community-focused activities in the mountain region we call home.

Building a profitable business that provides environmental benefits, offers training and solid employment opportunities across a spectrum of skillsets and all the while making a significant contribution to the Cyprus economy is very much what KTV is all about.

But we feel we want to do more. The Founders of our business all have strong connections to the country and especially the mountain region so we will be contributing in other ways too.

While our employment opportunities will focus upon in-depth training and staff development for the benefit of our company and team members, we shall also be looking to contribute to local initiatives which will be of direct benefit to the community.

As part of our commitment to the local community, we will be providing FREE briquettes to the needy and elderly in local mountain villages. We also have agreements in place with all of the Troodos mountain communities to take their annual prunings FREE of charge to clear their villages of unsightly wood waste. Once again expressing our commitment to the area.


Rivers and Dams

Cottage Industries

Cyprus Mouflon
The Cyprus Mouflon is a sub-species of the European Mouflon.


There are real benefits in sharing our collective skills to enhance the forests and mountain areas - this can lead to increased tourism opportunities and open-up the region to new ways of generating income for local people. We will be helping our communities by sharing our skills and knowledge where we usefully can, and this will be for the benefit of all.

We'll look to re-purpose existing buildings in the area that can open up opportunities for local growers and merchants to sell their produce, encourage responsible interaction with the local wildlife and generally share our mountain region with visitors who will bring badly-needed revenue into the whole area.

Rivers and Dams

The Troodos mountains and forests are also blessed with water based resources too, that we can help manage and expand. Careful husbandry of waterway and reservoirs, to which we will be contributing, can open up new leisure and commercial activity. 

Cottage Industries

We shall be looking to share with local charities, community activists and organisations that would benefit from our expertise and activities, resources and products that will help them. We take our responsibility to our society to heart in more ways than one. 

Cyprus lake
A stunning lake with the beautiful Troodos Mountains in the background.

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