KTV Introduces Itself To The Local Community

KTV meeting with the local community in Kato Pyrgos
Kato Pyrgos leader Nikos Kleanthous

Council Leader, Nikos Kleanthous

At a lively public meeting in the Kato Pyrgos community hall on Sunday morning, May 5th, KTV Green Enterprises welcomed their neighbours as a way of introducing their mission in the area.

KTV were very grateful for the support of the Kato Pyrgos Community Council with Council Leader Mr Nikos Kleanthous in attendance and opening proceedings.  Of special note was the appearance of the President of the Cyprus Green Party, Mr George Perdikis at the event, which was attended by a good number of local residents.

KTV have worked closely with the Community Council to begin operation of its first biochar kiln just outside the

Green Party Leader, George Perdikis

Green Party Leader, George Perdikis

town and have already employed four local residents in their team.  A further eight staff are planned as the business expands and its second plant in Kampos begins operations.

Cyprus’ Green Party are very much aligned with KTV’s initiative as they share many of the same aims, such as cleaning wood trimmings in order to reduce the risk of wild fires, optimising use of precious and expensive water supplies, and generally improving soil quality and retention.

Local residents asking questions regarding emissions from the processes utilised by the biochar kiln and electrical generation plants, were reassured by KTV’s sales director, Dinos Katchis, that unlike many other industrial processes, only water vapour is released.  State-of-the art kilns and gasifiers will be used to create biochar and generate up to 8000Mw of clean electricity, while allowing no smoke or harmful emissions to enter the atmosphere.

KTV Sales Director, Dinos Katchis

KTV Sales Director, Dinos Katchis

Ms Efi Xanthou, the Greens’ Vice-President who was also present, said she was very much in favour of KTV’s aims and objectives and expressed her support for the company’s initiative which will see clean, zero-emission electricity being generated from otherwise waste wood and other plant matter.

Creating employment, helping to regenerate Cyprus’ rural economies while efficiently using otherwise waste materials is very much at the heart of KTV’s upcoming plans, and the whole KTV team were grateful for the opportunity to share their vision with their neighbours.

Sales director Dinos added: “We were delighted to see so many local residents coming along to meet us and hear more about KTV.  We look forward to keeping everyone informed as our plans come to fruition over the coming weeks and months.”

This article was originally published in May 2019.

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