Our Biochar Range

Cyprus Golden Char

- Made from Bamboo, collected from congested rivers and abandoned land: Clearing riverbeds improves the health of rivers and streams that can get constantly choked by this invasive plant.

- Used for agricultural and horticultural purposes to improve plants, vegetables and trees: Biochar has been scientifically proven to increase certain crop yields by up to 140% while speeding up growth and maturity.

- Perfect soil enhancer for all soil types reducing the need for fertilizers, water, pesticides and herbicides: This helps plant roots in absorbing all the nutrients they need for stronger growth which in turn, aids the repelling of insects and pests and thus reducing chemical usage.


 - Made from Acacia, an invasive species found in many Mediterranean countries.

 - Used for Chemical and Oil Spillages: More commonly used in roadside and marine accidents such as the Gulf of Mexico BP spillage. Biochar acts as an adsorbent of hydrocarbons present in the oil allowing for increased efficiency in clean-up operations.

 - Air and Water Filters and Odour Minimizers: Biochar has many uses in this area. As a filtration system, this biochar removes impurities and odours from the air and water. It can also be used to treat unpleasant smells from livestock farming that can cause problems for nearby residents.


The benefits of biochar are extensive and include:

Water retention up to
in horticulture
Increase up to
in crop yield
Reduction up to
in chemical fertilizers
Enhancement up to
of plant's defences

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