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The emphasis the world over is on clean, green and generally better use of natural resources.

Better use of organic resources such as botanical growth, including woods and forests and marine plants, better employment of precious freshwater resources and lessening reliance on chemical fertilisers and herbicides, are all key issues that need to be addressed.

KTV has created a number of truly elegant and practical product solutions to some of these issues while benefiting its local and national communities.

We market a range of sustainable and environmentally friendly products which we are pleased to introduce to you.


Made from bamboo, our Cyprus Golden Char is used for agricultural purposes. A soil enhancer which enriches plants and trees by lowering the reliance upon chemical interventions and retaining moisture to enhance productivity.


Made from Acacia, our SmartChar can be used for industrial chemical and oil spillages as well as air, water and sewage filtration systems. Livestock farming can also use this product as an odour minimizer due to its zero toxicity towards farm animals.

All our Biochar products are made of 100% renewable material that contribute to our mission of a Cleaner, Greener Cyprus.

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