Premium Timbers, Veneers and Essential Oils

Wood has been a valuable commodity used to build our homes and create durable furniture and fittings for centuries. While it is clearly a renewable resource, it is relatively slow-growing and should be used economically and under the best possible standards of husbandry and stewardship. 

Skill and knowledge are needed to maximise yields from wood stocks and careful treatment is necessary to season and preserve finished timber but the heating processes used in timber production can be expensive and can release unwanted emissions and pollutants. KTV has a solution to this. 

We have easy and ready access to large quantities of desirable timber and we estimate we can process up to 4,000 cubic metres per year. Using heat obtained cleanly and economically from our energy generation processes, we will be producing high quality wood that will have uses in construction, furniture making and joinery.

Sycamore tree

Local indigenous tree species of pine are available and plentiful but other kinds such as Platanus Occidentalis, or Sycamore can add harder woods to our stock. Used in furniture, musical instruments and other items that require a strong hardwood such as butcher's blocks, wood from these trees can add significantly to our available saw mill products. 

Our capabilities do not just extend to curing such timbers. Inherent in KTV's skillset is forestry management, to ensure responsible and sustainable cultivation, and saw mill operations leaning on our team's expertise gained through many years in harvesting and processing timber.


Wasting Nothing Is Our Motto

Not all wood can be used for timber production, of course. Many thousands of cubic metres of forestry canopy are wasted in the form of branches and twigs that hitherto had NO commercial value. These excess and unwanted wastes typically make up 45% of a tree's overall weight so are found in truly significant volumes. Creating a fire hazard, this is a worrisome problem for the forestry authorities.

KTV has found a solution and will clear this waste and use it cleanly and efficiently in its energy and by-product processing. Avoiding waste in this way fits perfectly with our ethos and equips us to create usable, marketable timbers in commercial quantities.

Soon, we shall have stocks of premium woods and veneers available for our customers - orders can shortly be placed through our purchasing pages.

Essential oil production is already an established industry in Cyprus.

Herbs, plants and nuts provide essential oils that are in growing demand across the World. Cyprus is fortunate to be home to some of the most popular and precious oil-bearing plants and has a long tradition of extracting and selling into the pharmaceutical, culinary and fragrance production businesses.

Requiring heat for drying and distillation, oil production the traditional way is a time-consuming and physically-demanding process. These oils are a valuable component of KTV's commercial activities as we have a ready source of clean heat that makes their extraction possible while speeding up production and allowing us to use more efficient and modern methods.

Oils from Marjoram, Bay, Rosemary, Citronella, Myrtle, Eucalyptus and Sumac are all high value products with uses across many industries and professions.

We will be offering a range of oils in commercial or retail quantities. They will be created using our clean, green energy source and help to maintain an important craft and industry in the mountain region. We'll soon be offering these products for sale on our commercial pages.

Essential oils rosemary in a bottle

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